Media Fail: No Major Hurricanes In 9 Years.


It was just a little less than two years ago when the media’s Global Warming Truthers were assuring us that Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change would result in a dramatic increase in the number of hurricanes and tropical storms each year. Sunday, buried in a headline that chalks it all up to luck, we learn that a major hurricane has not hit America in nine glorious years:

It has been more than nine years since the U.S. was struck by a major hurricane — Superstorm Sandy did major damage but didn’t qualify meteorologically as a major hurricane. That’s a streak that is so unprecedented that NASA climate scientist Timothy Hall went looking to see if it could be explained by something that has happening with the weather or climate. He found that big storms formed, they just didn’t hit America, coming close and hitting islands in the Caribbean and Mexico. The lack of hurricanes hitting the U.S. “is a matter of luck,” Hall concluded in a peer-reviewed study.

The 2013 study that promised seasons of super hurricanes by “top climate researcher Kerry Emanuel,” did not mention “luck.” The only question was how bad the additional hurricanes would get:

One of the biggest debates in the climate change research community in recent years has been the projected impact of global warming on hurricanes. Will it make them stronger? More frequent? Longer lasting?

Emanuel’s study used six newly upgraded global climate computer models to simulate future hurricane activity around the world. His study found that these killer storms will not only increase in intensity during the 21st century, as many previous studies had predicted, but will also increase in frequency in most locations.

Could it be that there are more storms but they are just not devastating America?


Writing for Newsbusters, Tom Blumer found the research that shows the exact opposite of an increased number of hurricanes. The number of hurricanes affecting the United States has held remarkably steady over the last 160 years. Furthermore, in 2014, the average number of hurricanes and tropical storms throughout the Atlantic Basin was down. This was the second decrease in a row.

If past is prologue, should the number of hurricanes and tropical storms continue to decline, the media’s  Global Warming Truthers will go on to blame this decrease on Climate Change, and then lie about how fewer storms will mean the end of civilization.

You see, fewer storms means the oceans aren’t stirred enough, which in turn makes the water stagnant, and kills the plankton; which diminishes the ozone layer and the Arctic ice and Halliburton and Diebold cuz Bush lied about “Hand up, don’t shoot” but you can keep your insurance.

Read the full Newsbusters breakdown here.


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