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Climate Alarmists to Obama: Use RICO Laws to Jail Skeptics!

Twenty alarmist climate scientists – including UN IPCC lead author Kevin ‘Travesty’ Trenberth – have written a letter to President Obama urging him to use RICO laws to crush dissent by climate skeptics. Their hypocrisy and dishonesty, especially that of the main signatory, almost defies belief.


Media Fail: No Major Hurricanes In 9 Years.

It was just a little less than two years ago when the media’s Global Warming Truthers were assuring us that Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change would result in a dramatic increase in the number of hurricanes and tropical storms


2015 Hurricane Season Limited by El Niño

The highly respected Colorado State University forecast for the coming season looks for only 7 named tropical storms and only 3 hurricanes, about 40% less than average. Coupled with the expectations of global cooler weather and more precipitation from El Niño, climate change “scientific experts” may need to develop more new models.