Hate Network CNN To Pamela Geller: ‘Do You Relish’ Being Hunted By Jihadists?

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CNN, the left-wing hate network that uses every opportunity available, including the threat of a beheading, to launch hate campaigns against its political enemies on the right, asked Pamela Geller Wednesday night if she “relishes the idea” of jihadists hunting her down to behead her.

That was an actual question mean-girl Erin Burnett asked Geller after learning of a plot that was/is afoot to take the free speech activist’s head.

Keep in mind as you watch the clip below, Burnett is well aware Geller has increased her security but still asks if she relishes being hunted.

This is how a CNN hate campaign works. When dealing with a conservative or Christian, CNN regularly floats an obscene premise to distract and keep the subject on defense. Another benefit is that the obscene premise is now out there as part of the debate.

Keep in mind that Geller is guilty of nothing more than engaging in the good, old-fashioned art of American satire — something the media does not even consider news when conservatives or Christians are viciously targeted. Geller and her group created political cartoons. That is all they did. They are guilty of nothing more than what we see on the editorial pages of every newspaper in America every day.

Also keep in mind, that Geller’s protests are no different than what Martin Luther King engaged in at Selma. At great risk to themselves, both used intentional provocation to fight for their (and our) God-given rights against savages.

Geller didn’t choose the form of protest against her oppressors any more than King did.

CNN would never ask a rape activist if she is provoking a rape and relishes the idea of being hunted by a rapist.

CNN would never ask a gay activist if he is provoking homophobia and relishes the idea of being hunted by bigots.

If CNN is going to increase its dismal ratings, Jeff Zucker has figured out that in order to steal MSNBC’s viewers, he needs out-MSNBC MSNBC.

Zucker figured out that the Left relishes hate campaigns against conservatives, poor blacks, Christians, the police, and brave, outspoken, activist-women like Geller who are considered apostates to the left.

If Geller were crybabying for the government to force all of us to pay for her birth control, Erin Burnett would fall all over herself to fawn and kowtow.

Geller isn’t doing that, though. Rather she is shaming a cowardly, hate-drivencable news network that, as I write this, displays Piss Christ on its website but refuses to display an innocuous Mohammed cartoon.

CNN and the jihadists both share a seething hatred of Christians, so for now they are allies….

The jihadists want Geller dead, and…

CNN is laying the groundwork to make it look like she had it coming.


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