Hate Network: CNN Exploits Charleston Massacre to Attack American People Over Gun Control

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Another tragedy, another Jeff Zucker-produced horror show on CNN. Throughout Friday morning, the left-wing cable news outlet has shamelessly exploited Wednesday evening’s racist massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, to attack the American people over gun control.

As was the case in Baltimore, Ferguson, and after the Amtrak crash, CNN’s morning show, “New Day,” takes full partisan advantage of human tragedy to allow Democrat politicians and activists to politicize these events without being challenged. This morning it was South Carolina State Rep. Carl Anderson, a left-wing Democrat who went on and on about guns and wealth redistribution unchallenged by a nodding Michael Pereira.

Over the last two years, this is the exactly what we have come to expect from Zucker, and most especially his morning show “New Day.”

Zucker upped the exploitation in a big way Friday morning. Echoing President Obama’s Thursday exploitation of a national tragedy to push for gun control laws (laws that would only leave more innocent people helpless to mass-killers), CNN took it up a notch by blaming and shaming the American people.

Near the close of “New Day’s” 6 a.m. hour, anchor Chris Cuomo broke into a monologue that lamented the fact that there will be “more occasions” to have conversations about gun massacres. He then went on to blame politicians and the American people for an atmosphere that “does not allow meaningful gun law change that is the type President Obama wants.”

Let’s just button this up.

Unfortunately, we’ll have more occasions to have this conversation. Where you two agree is really the saddest statement: The state of jurisprudence on the Second Amendment does not allow any meaningful gun law change that is the type that President Obama wants. And the political will isn’t there, and when people are polled, they don’t want it either.

So Michaela, as we go back to you in Charleston, there’s a lot of talk about the gun and why this happened and we see the bar graphs where the United States has so much more gun violence than everyone else, but there doesn’t seem to be the legal, political, or social will to do anything about it.

CNN exploiting tragedy to divide, and to attack their political enemies on the right and in law enforcement is what the network has become under Zucker, and his willing puppets like Cuomo.

This isn’t the first time, either, that Cuomo has used the CNN airwaves to express his desire to see President Obama’s left-wing agenda passed.

In 2012, Breitbart News obtained a memo proving CNN intended to use the network to exploit the Sandy Hook massacre to push for gun control. Back then, CNN was using The Will of the American People to bully and shame Congress into restricting the civil rights of law-abiding people.

Frustrated by their failure, CNN is now turning its hate on those very same American people.


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