UPDATE: CNN Not Apologizing for ‘Hotbed of Terror’ Kenya Smear


Breitbart News reported Thursday that on numerous occasions the left-wing cable news network CNN falsely smeared the African country of Kenya as a “hot bed of terrorism.” After a backlash in social media where some accused CNN of racism, the network responded only with a small editor’s note to an online story.

Breitbart News asked CNN if an apology was forthcoming. We only were referred back to the editor’s note.

CNN’s smear of an entire African country comes on the heels of a number of disturbing racial issues the third-place network has faced recently. As I wrote yesterday:

More than once, CNN has openly ginned up violence in predominantly black neighborhoods. The network has also been sued for racial discrimination and faced criticism for its treatment of some black staffers by the National Association of Black Journalists.

Based on CNN’s recent history, it seems fair to question if CNN’s false assumption that an African country is a “hotbed of terror” is based on the racist assumptions of its predominantly white staff, including CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

Just this morning, CNN’s Carol Costello invited mayor Bill DeBlasio on for the typical tongue bath Democrats always face on the third-place network. Naturally, the execrable Costello didn’t challenge De Blasio on any of the problems currently facing New York City. Instead, even though the story is 6 weeks old, she asked De Blasio to comment on the comments Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump made about the kinds of people Mexico encourages to violate our borders.

No one expects CNN to ever express anything close to shame, but when you work for a network that just smeared an entire African country, maybe it’s time to dump the Trump crusade until after your network apologizes.

CNN no longer has any moral authority on issues of race.


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