WaPo Horrified to Find That Republicans Want Illegal Aliens Deported


The Washington Post reports with horror that Republican voters want to enforce existing immigration laws to turn back the tide of illegal aliens flowing into the country and remove the 30 million or so squatting on U.S. territory.

“A big majority of Republicans believes that the government’s main focus on immigration should be not just on stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, but also on deporting those already here,” Morning Plum’s Greg Sargent writes. Emphasis in the original, because who isn’t appalled by the prospect of deporting aliens, some of whom have allegedly murdered Americans?

The CNN poll asked voters:

What should be the main focus of the U.S. government in dealing with the issue of illegal immigration — developing a plan that would allow illegal immigrants who have jobs to become legal U.S. residents, or developing a plan for stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and for deporting those already here?

While all registered voters — which likely included immigrants with U.S. citizenship — 56 percent support handing out U.S. citizenship to every illegal who walked across the border or overstayed his visa, whereas a quite remarkable 42 percent said: Deport. But 64 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of conservatives want to stop illegals from coming to the U.S. and to remove the ones already here.

“What the CNN numbers again confirm is that there is a deep and intractable divide between the two parties on what to do about the undocumented population,” the Post continues.

Yes, obviously: Democrats want to legalize Third Worlders who oppose things like individual rights, free market economics, the rule of law, Western civilization, and everything American besides taxpayer freebies and racial grievance-mongering to win elections. Rank-and-file Republicans don’t want to see their children tortured to death and set on fire by illegal immigrants.

But protesting the politically-engineered mass immigration policies designed to elect a “President Rodriguez” is, apparently, beyond the pale. The Post talks about this “difference” as if demanding one shut up and die, as Oprah might put it, is negotiable:

This fundamental underlying difference matters far more than Donald Trump’s vicious rhetoric, which (assuming he doesn’t run as a third party candidate) will likely prove ephemeral. Indeed, the CNN poll hints at the demographic challenge the GOP will face after Trump fades and the only person still listening to his bluster is his reflection in the mirror. As Brian Beutler recently observed, the GOP effort to grapple with the Trump phenomenon without alienating his supporters throws into stark relief the basic divide among the GOP presidential candidates over how to get to the White House.

Jeb Bush’s plan to sell out the fired-up Republican base, also known as “broadening the party’s appeal,” might not go over so well.

The Post also ritualistically invokes the usual errors the press is dedicated to printing in every immigration story: Illegal aliens are “undocumented,” there are only “11 million” in the U.S., politically-engineered mass immigration is inevitable and the GOP should agree to disenfranchise its own voters by passing “reform,” meaning citizenship.

Wrong on all counts: Illegal aliens have documents — they happen to be fraudulent ones, including Social Security numbers stolen from newborn American babies, who find out that their credit has been destroyed and they owe the IRS thousands only years later. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 75 percent of illegals use fake Social Security numbers when looking for jobs. Illegals commit felony after felony as they print up fraudulent green cards, birth certificates, tax forms, and the like, bringing the corruption that cripples their home countries into America.

The “11 million” canard has been disproved as laughably false by best-selling author Ann Coulter: That estimate has been the same for the past decade and is based on a Census report, which asked respondents if they were in the country illegally. Oddly enough, the same people who steal babies’ Social Security numbers are willing to lie on government forms. Many of them don’t bother to self-report their illegal status to bureaucrats anyway. It’s likely that at least 30 million illegals are working and living in the U.S., boosting crime while dragging down schools.

“Some GOP pollsters have argued that GOP voters can be won over on legalization, if they are led through the moral and practical complexities of the issue,” The Post continues, again with emphasis in the original. These stupid rubes, you see, have to be talked into committing economic suicide.

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