Victory: Newsweek So Dead It Is Trolling the POW/MIA Flag as Racist


How doornail dead is the left-wing Newsweek? How over, how buried, how room temperature, how worm-food, liquidated, snuffed out, toes up, terminated, bucket-kicked is Newsweek? So dead all  the owners and publishers have to grab attention is to troll nothing less than the POW/MIA flag. And as racist, no less.

Some trolling goes so far — so beyond despicable and desperate, you’re committing a moral crime by rewarding it with a link; so we are not going to do that here. What matters isn’t the left-wing lunacy that would float such an idea, what matters is the subtext — what Newsweek’s attack on an iconic symbol designed specifically to honor those who must never be forgotten really means.

What it means is that at long last Newsweek is over. It means that whoever bought the left-wing propaganda rag for $1 got hoodwinked.

At long last, Newsweek is finally out of our misery.

And the fact that Newsweek doesn’t know it is dead yet, only makes the victory all the sweeter.

P.S. For those wondering, the Newsweek columnist considers the POW/MIA flag racist because of Nixon, or something. The column is about 1600 words long and never really explains its own premise.

Doornail dead, America.

Well done.


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