Why the Media Supports Hillary’s Constitutional Rewrite and Hates Trump’s


In a highly partisan and divisive speech before the Democrat National Committee Friday, Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton promised to do something that should sound familiar to anyone who has been watching the presidential race lately: she promised to amend the Constitution. This isn’t the first time she has made this pledge. It has been a theme throughout her campaign.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month, you know that when Republican frontrunner Donald Trump suggested that the 14th Amendment might need to be changed or challenged to stop the abuse of birthright citizenship (that costs taxpayers a fortune) the result was apoplexy from our unbiased, objective mainstream media.

Legions of editorials, front page opinion pieces-disguised-as-analysis, and cable news segments were devoted to shrill attacks against Trump and those in the GOP who agree with him. For two weeks the media labeled them fools, liars, dreamers, panderers, and of course racists.

Ask yourself: Why is the media so freaked out about Trump’s proposed Constitutional amendment/challenge but totally cool with what Hillary is proposing.

Let’s start with the fact that principle obviously has nothing to do with it.

The media are mostly extreme-Leftists, and Leftists see the illegal immigration wave as the key to a permanent Democrat majority. Hispanics vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Therefore, anything that jeopardizes this plot, like a challenge to the 14th Amendment, will be met with the media’s shrill fury.

It really is just that simple.

Media agreement also explains why Hillary is facing no media pushback for wanting to amend the Constitution. What she wants to do is what the media wants to do: kill the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.

Before the Citizens United ruling ended the FEC prohibiting political expenditures for corporations, Democrats and the media enjoyed a huge, HUGE money advantage — and by extension a speech advantage.

Before Citizens United leveled the playing field, private and public unions funneled hundreds of millions  of dollars to Democrats (much of it taxpayer-funded through compulsory union membership for government employees). This was a huge advantage for Democrats because the FEC had made it illegal for Republicans to tap an equivalent revenue source.

On top of that, the mainstream media was also spending hundreds of millions of corporate dollars annually  to push its left-wing agenda through biased coverage in favor of Democrats and against Republicans.

Unions and the media are still making those same political expenditures to promote the Democrat agenda but Citizens United has allowed right-of-center corporations to enjoy the same speech rights. A good example is the Democrat/media’s favorite whipping boys: the libertarian Koch brothers.

The media wants Citizens United strangled because they want to go back to the days where they enjoyed a monopoly on political speech. The media wants to go back to being the only for-profit corporations allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to affect the outcomes of elections.

Let’s face it: The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, NPR, etc., are all left-wing super PACs disguised as news outlets.

Trump wants to change an outdated Amendment that is being abused by illegals to undermine our entire country.

Hillary wants to restrict  political speech.

In short: The reason why some presidential promises to amend the Constitution are seen as more equal than others is simply due to the fact that our media is a left-wing garbage fire of lies and bias.



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