Crane Operator to Breitbart News Daily: Immigrants’ Inability to Speak English Puts Everyone in Danger

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On Breitbart News Daily hosted by executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon, listeners jammed the phone lines with their own experiences with Third World mass immigration and the devastation it has wrought on the working and middle classes. One highly-skilled worker detailed the extortion, total disregard for safety, and the discrimination against eager and qualified American workers in favor of immigrants who spoke little to no English he witnessed on the job.

Bill in Alabama is a tower crane operator. “I bounce all over the country, major cities, Houston, Nashville, Miami,” he said. “It is just absolutely a regular thing to see jobs that are anywhere from 75 to 95 percent Hispanic, and a very large portion having an illegal component to it. In my particular situation, being a tower crane operator, it’s imperative we’ve got people on the other end of the radio that speak English, so they can understand how to guide the crane safely as well as doing the job on time and all that.”

“It’s a regular thing for us to get people on the radios that understand just the very, very minimum of English, enough to tell the crane to swing or move or whatever,” he continued. “If I was to say something like, ‘Look out — something’s falling down, get out of the way,’ their response most of the time would be to look up and say, ‘OK.’ And not understand a word of what I’m saying.” He continued

OSHA knows about it. I’ve seen extortion where legal immigrants charge illegal immigrants anywhere from $50 to $100 a week just to keep their jobs. The contractors know about it. Contractors are complicit on it. And this has become a major problem. I don’t understand why people are saying, ‘They’re only taking the jobs Americans don’t want,’ Carpenters, steel workers, concrete finishers, all these jobs are being taken by illegals in a very large portion.

Bannon said:

The editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal — they want to dictate to you, they want to treat you like a bunch of rubes, they want to treat you like low information voters. Mike, the point is, it’s in broad daylight. It’s an open secret… The political class and the media class pretend it’s not a problem or they’re only taking jobs Americans won’t do, but you’re saying this is a racket. You’ve got legal immigrants extorting stuff out of illegal immigrants. They’re such a supply of labor, they’re suppressing wages. And more importantly, it’s making workplaces unsafe for American citizens like yourself. Is that a correct summary?

The caller went on to say:

I’ve seen instances where I was working up in Atlanta, you’ve got the major construction jobs that have rules they’ve got to follow, but yet they sued me out on a job when I was running what we call taxi cranes, which are the hydraulic cranes that you see driving down the road, going from one job to the other. You go to an apartment complex or something like that, you’ve got immigrants that are walking on top of the walls that are not tied off, with a major construction job up. OSHA requires them to be tied off. They’re not wearing proper safety gear and stuff like that. It’s a double standard and no one is saying anything about it. Everybody knows it’s going on. Miami for instance, you go down there — and don’t get me wrong, I like Hispanic people. I like all people. I’m a people person. My problem is —

Bannon said:

We’re not saying that they’re not hardworking folks,” Bannon added. “We’re not saying they’re not good and decent folks, the vast, vast, vast majority. Now there’s a major criminal element we’ll get into later, but that’s not the point. The point is they’re not American citizens and they’re taking American jobs. Is there any doubt in your mind that if that illegal alien labor force was not here, those jobs — first off, the wages would be higher, and number two, those jobs would be taken by Americans?

Bill replied:

Steve, I have personally witnessed two young men who knew their trade came up with well-worn, taken-care-of tools, they came up and asked about employment, and were turned away. And literally, within an half hour — and this was in Georgia, by the way, a few years back — within a half hour, five immigrants came up. They had their tools: For instance, a hammer through the beltloop, a C-square in their back pocket. They didn’t have all the tools to begin with. And they hired all five of them, versus the two that knew their trade. They turned them away.

“So yes, I absolutely know for a fact that there are a lot of Americans that would love to have the jobs that are being taken by them,” he said.

From 2000 to 2014, all net job growth went to foreigners, according to a report published by the non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies. Furthermore, during that period, the U.S. imported or allowed in two immigrants for every job created. A similar study commissioned by IHS global insight finds that Hispanics will grab 75 percent of all total job growth between 2020 and 2034.


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