Jamie Weinstein to ‘Renegade Jew’ Columnist: Hillary Could Be Better for Israel than Trump

Jack Guez/AFP/GettyImages, Instagram/@jamie.s.weinstein

Jamie Weinstein, Senior Editor at the Daily Caller, told author David Horowitz that in at least one respect, a President Hillary Clinton would be a better ally for Israel than Donald Trump.

Weinstein tweeted the contents of an email he sent to Horowitz Monday morning — part of an exchange prompted by a controversial Breitbart column which labeled Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew.” Horowitz, a New York Times bestselling author, argued that Kristol’s effort for a third-party campaign would hurt Israel by strengthening Hillary Clinton’s chances in a general election. Weinstein wrote to him:

If the question is who would be more likely to use force against the Iranians to set back their nuclear program, I think there is a good argument that Hillary would be more likely. 15 other Republicans running for the GOP nomination would probably be more likely than her, but the GOP picked 1 of the 2 that would probably be less likely, especially if the Ayatollah sent Trump a note saying he was smart and handsome.

The pair’s email exchange began with Horowitz confirming to Weinstein that he wrote the headline calling Kristol a “Republican Spoiler” and “Renegade Jew.”

Weinstein reached out after Twitter sleuths began to question whether Horowitz or Breitbart News wrote the offending headline. Weinstein’s colleague Matt K. Lewis speculated that Breitbart editors may have pushed the “renegade Jew” phrase onto Horowitz:

I’m not so sure we should be so quick to attack this specific column. The headline is the most offensive thing here, and these are frequently written by someone other than the columnist. What is more, ironies abound. The piece in question is written by David Horowitz, who is Jewish.

Commentary editor John Podhoretz questioned whether Horowitz wrote the article underneath the headline; an hour after he first tut-tutted it, Podhoretz asked his Twitter followers if the byline on the piece belonged to “the” David Horowitz.

Weinstein’s statement today is one facet of a larger argument that Hillary Clinton will wield executive power better than the Republican presidential nominee. Weeks ago, he wrote a column stating he would vote for Clinton over Trump if no viable third-party candidate emerges during the general election.

In a White House race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I’d prefer Clinton, just as I’d prefer Malaria to Ebola.

In most cases, Malaria is curable. Ebola is more often deadly.

[I]f it’s Trump-Hillary with no serious third party option in the fall, as hard as it is for me to believe I am actually writing these words, there is just no question: I’d take a Tums and cast my ballot for Hillary — and I suspect so would many other life-long conservatives, whether they are willing to admit it now or not.