Los Angeles Business Journal: ‘Breitbart Soars by Taking Swing at Mainstream News’


Writing in Los Angeles Business Journal, Kristin Marguerite Doidge profiles Breitbart News’ LA-based media news network.

From Los Angeles Business Journal:

“It’s been very important to us that we keep an outsider’s perspective, to keep our operations and heart and soul in Los Angeles,” said [Breitbart CEO Larry] Solov, who co-founded the site with his childhood friend, the late Andrew Breitbart, in the basement of Breitbart’s L.A. home. Marlow, who was the pair’s first hire, oversees the news operation from Washington, D.C., though he makes frequent trips to Los Angeles.


Despite the criticism – or perhaps because of it – Breitbart is more popular than ever. Its web traffic has grown 39 percent since Trump announced his candidacy for president, increasing from 12.2 million in June 2015 to more than 17 million unique monthly visitors this August, according to comScore. That’s about four times more visitors than competitors Drudge Report and Talking Points Memo each draw monthly.

Breitbart pulled about 8.5 million unique visitors the month before Trump’s announcement; its traffic has more than doubled since the real estate billionaire brought his unique campaign style to the race.


“Our primary purpose and goal is always to put out the most high-quality news on an hourly basis,” said Solov. “We cover a lot of the stories that the mainstream media won’t cover.”

And the site is planning even more coverage in the future. Solov said that the company intends to hire more staff in Los Angeles and other cities.

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