Greta Interested in Debunking ‘Fake News’ After MSNBC Axed Her for Not Hating Trump

Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

MSNBC may have axed Greta Van Susteren because she was not a virulent “Never Trump” hater, and now the veteran anchor may be interested in a project that debunks “fake news.”

President Donald Trump tweeted last week that MSNBC may have taken Van Susteren off the air “because she refused to go along w/ ‘Trump hate!’”

According to one report, “Van Susteren was informed that she had not been confrontational enough in her on-air presentation, perhaps a suggestion that MSNBC is once again embracing its liberal roots and adopting a more adversarial posture toward President Donald Trump.”

On Friday, Van Susteren said she “might like” a job that entails “debunking ‘fake news’ and validating real news.”

Van Susteren, who was criticized at Fox News by some for not being conservative enough, may be one of the few middle-of-the-road journalists left.

She often featured reporters from the establishment press who were some of the least biased—and perhaps even actually fair and balanced on their better days on her Fox News/MSNBC programs. Those like ABC News’ Rick Klein, Axios’ Jonathan Swan, and Real Clear Politics’ Caitlin Huey-Burns come to mind.  OANN President Charles Herring told the The Hollywood Reporter this week, “Greta is a strong brand and I’m sure she’ll have plenty of opportunities moving forward.”

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s roster is being filled with left-wing activists and “useful idiot” “Republicans.” Those like Nicolle Wallace, who elevated her status in the legacy press by trashing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Trump, and Hugh Hewitt, described as the “go-to pundit” for “pale pastel” establishment Republicans, who love getting affirmation from the legacy media and political elites now have shows.

Other “Never Trumpers” like Charlie Sykes and Bret Stephens, who recently said Trump’s supporters were “idiots” who needed to “admire” elites, are contributors and gladly allow themselves to be used as useful idiots to get some airtime. Anti-Trump columnist George Will is also a contributor, and fellow “Never Trumper” Rick “put a bullet in Trump” Wilson also gets airtime on the left-wing network.


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