Bannon on Dems’ Big Problem: ‘There’s No Breitbart’—Maddow, HuffPost ‘Cheerleaders for Donor Class’


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told CBS anchor Charlie Rose that the left’s biggest problem is that they do not have their version of Breitbart News that promotes policies and ideas that benefit American workers and is not afraid to take on the party’s donors and establishment in addition to the globalist permanent political class.

“Problem with Democratic Party? There’s no Breitbart. The problem in the Democratic Party? They haven’t had a civil war,” Bannon said. “And you know why? The financial crisis shows you that.”

Bannon told Rose in a segment that 60 Minutes Overtime posted that left-wing outlets like the Huffington Post and personalities like Rachel Maddow are just “cheerleaders for the donor class of the Democratic Party.”

As Devil’s Bargain author Joshua Green noted, Bannon often watches Maddow’s show and deconstructs it. And Maddow seemed strangely flattered when Green told her about Bannon’s media diet last year on her MSNBC show.

Maddow, who attended elitist and snooty Stanford University in a place some call “The Farm,” has promoted Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), her college classmate and potential 2020 presidential contender whom many activists have accused of being too cozy with Wall Street and the party’s big-money donors.

“And until they vet that, until they have their civil war, they’ll never be competitive,” Bannon said. “And by the way, there’s guys over there that know that. They know that. They have the same problem with their establishment we have with ours.”

Bannon said even some of former President Barack Obama’s advisers “understood that they had to go and hold these people on Wall Street accountable. And they blinked.”

“And Bernie Sanders had every opportunity. He knew about the Clinton corruption. He knew about how the Wall Street crowd has a lock on the Democratic Party. And he did not have the guts to take on Hillary Clinton in that primary,” Bannon added. “He had every opportunity, he had all the information; he did not have the guts to [take them on].”


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