‘Megyn Kelly Today’: Celebrities Refuse to Appear as Ratings Collapse

NBC News

As we predicted after the Jane Fonda debacle two weeks ago, celebrities are blacklisting Megyn Kelly’s third hour of Today.

Variety reports that publicists have no desire for their clients to sit down with Kelly. Bad reviews and even worse ratings are only part of the problem. From out of the gate, Kelly bungled celebrity interview after celebrity interview. And now, no one wants to put a client through that potential embarrassment:

“I’m not booking anyone on her show,” says a high-powered publicist, with a roster of big names, who asked for anonymity due to her overall relationship with “Today.” “I literally haven’t pitched anyone even from right out the gate. The buzz that is out there is so bad.”

Another well-known publicist, who represents one of the celebrities who has appeared on Kelly’s show, wasn’t pleased with the interview. “I won’t plan to have others go on,” the publicist said. “None specifically have been offered or asked to, but it’ll be my preference not to.”

Page Six reports Kelly’s ratings are so bad that she drags down the entire Today franchise. Kelly’s own hour is down a whopping -32 percent compared to last year. The hour that follows with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb is down 26 percent:

“Too many people are tuning out NBC. Hoda and Kathie Lee had been a bright spot in the mornings. People are alarmed,” the source said of the slide. Another source told us that “Today” talent is concerned.

“The format for Megyn’s show doesn’t make sense. Her show distracts from the ‘Today’ franchise,” the second source said.

Kelly’s biggest problem is that she has no audience. The left will never forgive the former Queen of Fox News, and everyone else sees her as a grasping schemer who tried to tank Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as a means to advance her own career.

As a result, everyone is rooting for her to fail, and as of now, for the first time in a long time, she is not letting anyone down.

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