NBC’s Lester Holt Duped into Spreading Fake News About North Korean Ski Resort

NBC’s Lester Holt Duped into Spreading Fake News About North Korean Ski Resort
NBC News/YouTube

NBC’s Lester Holt was duped by the North Korean government into spreading fake news about a local ski resort, reports Yahoo News.

On Monday, in an “NBC News exclusive,” anchorman Lester Holt effusively praised the tyrannical communist government of North Korea while reporting from a ski resort teeming with people. Holt told the Today Show audience that “we have been treated with respect here” and that the “busy” and “very modern” ski resort was a “source of immense pride for a country trying to present a new and modern face to the world.”

According to Yahoo, Holt and NBC News were completely duped by their communist hosts.

“[A]s Holt delivered the TV report,” Yahoo reports, “he failed to notice that the North Korean government appeared to have drafted in skiers who wore identical outfits in an attempt to give the impression of a busy and progressive ski resort.”

Yahoo adds that “Holt reported from the Masikryong resort on Monday, a facility that was personally ordered by Kim Jong Un and is typically empty.”

Richard Grenell, President Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. Ambassador to Germany, almost immediately saw what was going on and tweeted, “pro tip for @LesterHoltNBC: when everyone is wearing matching jackets it is a staged event.”

Even the far-left New York Times blasted NBC’s reporting from North Korea as “propaganda” and a cynical attempt by the far-left network to promote the Winter Olympics.

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