Media Fail: Trump More Popular than Obama at This Point in Presidency


According to the well-regarded Rasmussen poll (by way of Jim Hoft, who first connected these dots), President Trump’s job approval rating sits at a healthy 48 percent. At this exact time in his own presidency (February 7, 2010), Barack Obama’s job approval rating was just 44 percent. That puts Trump at +4 over Obama.

On that same date, a full 56 percent disapproved of the job Obama was doing. On the other hand, only 51 percent say the same about Trump — a +5 point advantage for our current president, and an overall advantage of +9.

This is nothing less than a massive failure for the American media — proof that this disgraced institution is now so discredited they can no longer move the needle.

In February of 2010, the media were into year two of licking Obama’s boots, which is why he defied gravity throughout eight terrible years of economic stagnation, unceasing scandals (fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS, “you can keep your insurance”) and countless foreign policy bungles.

Fast forward to today and you have the entire institution of the media beating Trump bloody with more than 90 percent negative news, most of it manufactured lies about Russia and obstruction of justice.

The full brunt and force of the media is focused against Trump… In fact, the intensity of the media attacks have only increased since Trump’s approval ratings started to improve two weeks ago.

And still he sits at 48 percent approval, or +4 points ahead of the media’s Precious Barry.

In all my years of watching the media, I have never seen anything like this — a media utterly incapable of moving the needle of public opinion. During the 2016 presidential election, the media were at least able to affect the polls. Those polls turned out wrong, but the media at least moved that needle. There has never been a time when a media freak out did not in some way result in some movement in public opinion. But that is exactly what we are seeing today.

Today, the media are so lacking in moral authority, so ineffective, so incapable of shaping public opinion, their unceasing screeching is backfiring. Trump is becoming more popular, as are his policies, even on the issue of immigration, which is supposed to a third rail for “racist” Republicans.

Another reason the media are so freaked out right now is the implosion of the Mueller investigation. Despite the media making a public spectacle of themselves in their fight against transparency (the release of the Nunes memo); despite the media’s efforts to then downplay the bombshells within that memo after it was released, none of this worked.

Thanks to alternative media, the people are learning the truth, which is why the MSM’s increasingly desperate 24/7 screeching of Russia! Russia! Russia! (that laughably includes reheating fake news from last year) is being ignored, is now a white noise no one hears anymore.

Basically, these four things are happening….

1) After unceasing amounts of fake news, the media have lost all credibility with a public that only sees them as hysterical and partisan antagonists towards the president.

2) The public is beginning to realize that there is not a single shred of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, or that he in any way obstructed justice. Despite two years of media assurances, millions in corporate media dollars spent to uncover wrongdoing, countless leaks, and a full-scale investigation run by Trump antagonists in the Deep State — they have found exactly bupkis.

3) The only real and verifiable evidence of 2016 election meddling has exposed Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the FBI, as the bad actors.

4) As the public tunes out the media’s histrionics and conspiracy theories, they instead focus on the actual job Trump is doing, and have come to the conclusion that he is doing a damn fine job in every respect. ISIS is on the run, the economy is humming, jobs are being created…

After two years of The Media Who Cried Watergate! at every twist and turn in all things Trump, the people are now ignoring these neurotic fools and liars to think about things that matter. And as of right now, when it comes to what matters, the public is happier with Trump than they were with Barry.

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