Nolte — Climate of Hate: CNN Repeatedly Provides National Platform for Nazis and Klansmen

Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

If you take a good look around, the only major news outlet regularly offering its imprimatur to Nazis and Klansmen is the far-left CNN. Unfortunately, the anti-Trump’s channel’s goal is not a misguided view of free speech-for-all. Rather, it is just another attempt on CNN’s part to achieve its sinister political goals through the mainstreaming and legitimizing of hate.

It was CNN that gave Arthur Jones, a full-blown Nazi and Holocaust-denier, a national platform earlier this week. Until then, no one had everheard of Jones. He is just some despicable nobody local-bigot from Illinois running a futile congressional campaign in the hopes his stunt will give him bigger opportunities to promote his vile views, which CNN was all too happy to provide.

CNN’s validation of Nazis and Klansmen does not stop there. CNN’s top anti-Trump commentator, Jake Tapper, has made a cottage industry out of offering a former-Klansman and current white supremacist a national profile.

Without Tapper and CNN promoting him and his views, David Duke would be a historical footnote, the Louisiana racist who spent 30 years grasping for the spotlight with various political runs, and did manage to squeak three years into the state house. Without Tapper and CNN working as his PR firm today, though, no one would consider Duke relevant or even remember him.

Nevertheless, Tapper seems smitten with the idea of a relevant David Duke, even eager to award him and his noxious views the validation of a national platform.

Here is Tapper from two weeks ago boosting Duke’s profile and message:

Just a few days earlier, Tapper promoted Duke’s message and the fact that he has a Twitter account.

Tapper’s most infamous and humiliating Duke-spreading occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign when the dishonest State of the Union host attempted to smear Trump for not disavowing Duke. The only problem with this pious harangue is that  Tapper failed to inform his audience that, over the years, Trump had previously disavowed Duke, and had just done so less than 24 hours before the Tapper hit job.

Throughout much of the campaign, Tapper was obsessed with awarding Duke a national platform. Things got so bad that by September Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson finally scolded Tapper over it, “The only reason David Duke even has a platform is because CNN keeps talking about it.”

No kidding.

In fairness, it is not just Tapper. Last August, CNN’s Erin Burnett used an entire segment of her primetime hour to gift Duke and his Twitter account with the national spotlight.

A search for “David Duke” at yields 228 hits — most of them within the last year. The most CNN-ish of these stories is unquestionably the one titled, “Could Charlottesville open a door for Russia?”

There is just no question that CNN is desperate to make national figures out of despicable and marginal men — and I do mean marginal. Even with CNN’s non-stop promotion of his account, Duke has not even managed to attract more than 50,000 Twitter followers. In fact, before CNN decided to turn him into a national superstar, Duke was forgotten, a nobody, a resident of the ash heap, a pimple on the butt of irrelevancy.

There is absolutely nothing newsworthy in quoting and promoting men who have no impact, no following, and represent no one, other than a meaningless rabble of fellow irrelevants.

So why did CNN choose to pull a white supremacist and Nazi out of total irrelevance as a means to award them with a national platform?

The answer is just as disturbing as the question.

For starters, it is important to point out that CNN is not using sensationalism to chase ratings. We know this because this approach has only proven to be a ratings disaster. Over the past year, CNN slipped from a comfortable second place, to last place behind Fox News and MSNBC.

And CNN is not just in last place, CNN is in last place by a country mile.  While Fox grabs 3 to 4 million primetime viewers and MSNBC 1.5 to 2 million, CNN rarely cracks a million. No, unfortunately, this is not about ratings.

As Breitbart News has tirelessly documented over the last five years, CNN has repeatedly spread hatred and division, most especially racial division and even violence. This is a left-wing political tactic, a well-honed partisan  weapon, a strategy to manufacture the kind of crises that benefit the left politically, that empower central authority through chaos.

Therefore, by providing evil men with a national platform, CNN gives the false impression these pigs enjoy a following, which can deliver two results advantageous to Democrats: 1) Racial minorities are deceived into believing Nazis and Klansmen are mainstream figures. 2) Racist idiots are deceived into believing Nazis and Klansmen are mainstream figures.

The boiled down answer is even simpler: CNN is evil.

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