Michael Savage: FBI Released ‘Nothing Indictment’ to ‘Cover Up Their Own Failure’ in Florida

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray looks on during the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, January 9, 2018 in New York City. Wray discussed a variety of topics, including the Bureau's focus on preventing foreign interference in the upcoming 2018 and 2020 …
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The FBI is seeking to distract from its failure to prevent last week’s mass murder at a Florida high school by making an announcement on Friday of the indictment of 13 Russian nationals, Michael Savage said on Friday’s edition of his eponymous radio show.

“Timing is everything,” said Savage of the indictments’ announcement on Friday, pointing to the three-day Presidents’ Day weekend, which is officially on Monday.

“Everything is done with great forethought,” said Savage. “These are some of the cleverest people on the planet right now, working on trying to indict Donald Trump and his family. Believe me, they chose to drop it today because they’re covering their own tracks.”

Savage explained what he viewed as the FBI’s motivations for a Friday announcement of indictments related to Mueller’s ostensible investigation into allegations of the Russian state’s “attempts in interfere in the 2016 presidential election”:

Why do you think the indictments against these Russians were dropped today, on a Friday, before a three-day weekend, while America is still recoiling in shock from the mass shooting of children in Florida? Why would this FBI do this to us today? The answer is clear: because the FBI failed to stop the shooting when they could have done so.

The FBI is admitting that the protocols were not followed after a tip on January 5 about the Florida school shooting suspect. … The FBI did nothing. The FBI failed us because they were very busy trying to indict Donald Trump.

It’s to cover up their own failures in not stopping the school shooting. Moreover, it is one of the most insensitive drops I’ve ever seen in American history. America is recoiling in horror from the school shooting, the bodies of some of them are still laying there in the morgue, and this insensitive, callous CIA, FBI, NSA – who is it? Who actually makes a decision to do a thing like this after a school shooting? Who made this decision?

The FBI “dropped the ball” and sought to “cover up their massive failings” in Florida with a Friday announcement of indictments related to Mueller’s ostensible probe, said Savage:

There’s only one reason [for the Friday announcement of indictments]. The FBI itself should be indicted for failing to have stopped the school shooting the other day. They had the evidence. They have the warning. It was January 5, and they dropped the ball. Therefore, the best way for them to  cover up their massive failings is to come with this nothing, zero, indictment against Russians.

The FBI was warned in Miami. The FBI did nothing because they were too busy cooking up an indictment against Donald Trump. You talk about a failure of a major agency. This is terrifying that they would go so far. They would go this far as to take a nation that is still in shock and mourning, while the bodies are still in morgues, and release this nothing indictment just to cover up their own failure.

President Donald Trump should terminate FBI Director Christopher Wray, said Savage. “Frankly, Trump has the power to fire the FBI director, and he ought to do that. He has the power to end Mueller’s career. He should do that, and then he should worry about the media fallout afterward.”

Allegations of Russian state-driven online disinformation operations pale in comparison to those pushed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Black Lives Matter, and late-night hosts, said Savage:

What did the Russian trolls actually do? They put out stuff that pit people against each other. Is that any different than Black Lives Matter? Is it any different than what Nancy Pelosi does every time she opens her mouth? Is it any different than … what Jimmy Kimmel does every time he gets up on television acting like a pimp for the Democrat Party – actually like a prostitute for the Democrat Party? All these late-night hosts are prostitutes for the Democrat machine. You’re telling me they’re not engaging in propaganda?

Savage’s introductory monologue began with a tongue-in-cheek expression of gratitude to the Russian government for assisting in the election of Donald Trump:

We are thanking God for Russian meddling in the last election, and we are thankful that they saved us from Hillary Clinton. If we had the power, we would award them medals for meddling in or election, doing something that the Republicans failed to do on behalf of the American people. … If Jonathan Swift were alive, he wouldn’t have done a better opening than I did.

Democrats and leftists agitating for the extension of constitutional rights for illegal aliens are inconsistent in not extending their agitation to include Russian nationals, said Savage:

We are told over and over again that illegal aliens from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador are afforded all the protections of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights – even though they’re not. We’re told they are because they’re in America. Wouldn’t that also apply to Russians in America? In other words, if a Russian is in America and we’re told that foreign nationals, once they’re in America, have all the rights of Americans, wouldn’t they also have First Amendment rights to publish anything they want? I’m just asking.

All the illegals are afforded protections, as well as Americans. Why not the Russians?

“They’re doing this to cover up their failures,” said Savage, describing the FBI as “corrupt,” “brutish,” “thuggish,” and engaging in “Soviet behavior.”


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