CNN’s Ana Navarro Called Donald Trump an ‘Animal’

Strategist Ana Navarro (L) and Author Ana Marie Cox speak during NYT Mag Live: A Special Politics Edition at Neuehouse on October 27, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for New York Times)
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Earlier this week, President Donald Trump described the brutal Mexican gang MS-13 as “animals,” and our esteemed establishment media immediately shifted into sputtering outrage mode. But when CNN’s Ana Navarro publicly described Trump as an “animal,” she faced no professional consequences whatsoever. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Basically, we now have a media that condemns those who describe murdering rapists as animals, but welcomes and promotes those who describe a Republican presidential candidate as an “animal.”

On October 9, 2016, just weeks prior to Trump’s upset presidential victory, Navarro, who CNN still falsely advertises as a Republican, tweeted the following from her verified Twitter account, “Should Donald Trump drop out of the race? Yes. He should drop out of the human race. He is an animal. Apologies to animals.”

Navarro’s depiction of the Republican presidential nominee as an animal (credit to @MikeLaChance33) has earned 41,000 retweets and 77,000 likes. As of this writing, the tweet is still live and has been for 17 months.

Watching our esteemed establishment media this week, as they fell all over themselves sputtering fake news and faux outrage over President Trump’s “animal” remarks was, in a word, a hoot. First, we were treated to the obligatory and predictable lies, with story after story spreading the false claim that Trump had described all immigrants as “animals.”

Then, after that lie had been spread around the world, the truth finally got its shoes on when the media was forced to acknowledge Trump was referring only to a vicious gang of unrepentant rapists and murderers.

Nevertheless, even after these retractions, we were still treated to any number of sanctimonious riffs from the media about how it is still wrong to “dehumanize” a gang of organized rapists and murderers as “animals.”

In fact, over his “animal” remark, Navarro herself compared to Trump to the Nazis. “Trump is in very bad company,” Navarro tweeted. “Nazis referred to Jews as “rats”. Slave-owners viewed slaves as sub-human animals.” She did the same on CNN’s basement-rated New Day.

And so, once again, our media not only revealed themselves to be liars and hypocrites, but con artists who fabricate the rules as they go along. If it is handy at the time to beat Trump over the head with a just-invented rule about the use of the word “animals,” that is what the media do.

But if it helpful to the media’s cause to describe a Republican presidential candidate as an “animal,” that is not only okay, it is rewarded with glossy profiles in the New York Times,  applauded with tongue baths in the New Yorker, encouraged with fawning attention in the Washington Post, and paid for by CNN.

According to the establishment media, it is wrong to describe as “animals” those who rape and beat a 15-year-old girl to death, those who rape and murder with impunity. But if you call a Republican an “animal,” the media accolades of fame and wealth are rained down upon you.

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