Media Network Launches on Facebook, Doesn’t Want ‘Pro-Trump’ Viewers

Facebook to pull VPN app from App Store over data worry

A new media network is launching on Facebook and it reportedly wants to target everyone except supporters of President Donald Trump.

According to a Tuesday Axios Media Trends report, Progress News Network (PNN) “aims to target a general population of news consumers from all sides with the exception of ‘pro-Trump’ Republicans.”

“A group of media professionals” is reportedly behind the network, which will air a daily 2.5 minute newscast on Facebook that seeks to reach “35–40+ year-olds with broadcast-like videos.”

The group is launching months after Facebook made changes in its algorithm that boosted the reach of establishment media outlets while limiting the influence of right-of-center outlets.

Axios ominously noted that though “there have been dozens of efforts over the past two years, on the right and the left, to create new internet shows,” most have miserably failed.


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