Nolte: Dummies at Fox Back CNN. CNN Stabs Fox in the Back.

Jim Acosta
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You all know that I’m not a big fan of cable news, and not for ideological reasons. I just hate a format that invents “stories” we must follow (Will the poop cruise make it to shore?) and gins up addictive national outrage over nonsense (A trailer park in Nowhere, Idaho, refuses to let boy scout fly the flag!). It’s just crap-crap-crap-opinion-opinion-opinion-takes-takes-takes all day long, the exact opposite of informative, and life is just too short.

Yes, there are rare exceptions, like Fox’s Special Report, but on the whole I’d rather visit the dentist.

Nevertheless, as much as I despise the format, I have always been grateful that Fox News is out there. The establishment media — all the newspapers, all the websites, all the broadcast outlets, etc. — speak with one giant, booming, corrupt, left-wing voice and Fox had been a vital addition to the alternative voices in New Media and talk radio, an important megaphone for, at the very least, a diversity of ideas.

But these days, not so much. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are keeping the faith, but Judge Napolitano, who’s featured prominently on the network, has morphed into a crazed anti-Trump conspiracy theorist and the network’s organized assault on Brett Kavanaugh was a blatant disinformation campaign on top of a moral obscenity.

When Shepard Smith isn’t being Shepard Smith, Fox News has started to mock working people, lie as a means to protect Big Tech, to side with the blacklisters who spare Fox, and meddle in elections.

Fox News hasn’t been Fox News for a long time now.

Which is why it is so amusing to watch Fox News get stabbed in the back after repeatedly kissing CNN’s fascist ass.

Back in November, after CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta manhandled an intern while openly heckling President Trump, the White House revoked his credentials. CNN promptly sued and the dummy frog at Fox News promptly jumped on the CNN scorpion’s back in support of the stupid lawsuit.

Good grief, it was pathetic. CNN only does three things and has for more than five years: 1) Pour red hot hate on Trump and his supporters, 2) gin up racial resentment and division, and 3) attack Fox News, mostly with lies.

But here’s Fox News joining an un-American lawsuit as though the White House should be forced to accept an abusive heckler into its midst, even though CNN has dozens of White House press passes for other staffers.

What’s more, this isn’t the only time Fox has gone out of its way to play smooch-smoochy with their would be executioners. There was this, this, this… Man alive, how about showing a little dignity over there, how about at least trying to pretend you’re a man?

And so it is hard not to point and laugh when CNN ignores all of Fox’s mewling and once again kicks the “fair and balanced” network to the curb.

After the Democrat Party wisely* chose to ban Fox News from hosting any of its upcoming 2020 presidential primary debates, CNN’s Brian Stelter (network chief Jeff Zucker’s ventriloquist dummy) not only sided with the Democrats, he used the opportunity blast Fox once again.

“[E]very night in prime time, Democrats are dehumanized, they’re attacked relentlessly by Fox News prime time hosts,” Stelter said. “It was always hard for me to imagine a Democratic primary debate taking place in those hours when figures like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are constantly demonized and attacked.”


So that’s what Fox gets for licking the boots of its persecutor, and until Fox stops licking those boots, we should all enjoy the spectacle.

*As I’ve said a million times, the Democrat Party’s refusal to allow Fox News to depose its candidates during these debates is the right thing to do, is the Party looking to protect the Party, which is what a Party is supposed to do — you know, win elections. Contrast that to the raging idiots in the Republican Party who continue to offer our guys up as a ritual sacrifices to a media that hates them.


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