Nolte: Year-End Ratings Show CNN Had Truly Awful 2019

Jeff Zucker, President of CNN, is interviewed during a Financial Times Future of News event March 22, 2018 in New York. / AFP PHOTO / Don EMMERT (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images)

The annual ratings are in and, as usual, far-left CNN came in last place in the cable news race by a country mile.

During the all-important primetime hours, and in all of cable TV — not just cable news — Fox News landed in first place, MSNBC landed in third place, and way-way-way below those two sits CNNLOL in ninth place.

Get this… Despite an incredible year filled with one massive news cycle after another, including the impeachment of a president, CNNLOL was not even able to average a measly million primetime viewers.

In a country of 380 million people… In a country where some 80 million households have access to CNNLOL through their cable TV packages… CNNLOL could not even convince one percent of Americans to tune in during primetime.

Here’s the primetime breakdown per TheWrap:

1, FOX NEWS CHANNEL 2.481 million

  1. ESPN 1.784 million
  2. MSNBC 1.753 million
  3. HOME AND GARDEN TV 1.199 million
  4. HALLMARK CHANNEL 1.100 million
  5. TBS 1.055 million
  6. TNT 1.05 million
  7. USA NETWORK 1.042 million
  8. CNNLOL 972,000
  9. HISTORY 969,000

So, as you can see, Fox averaged nearly 2.5 million primetime viewers to MSNBC’s 1.75 million. But trailing well behind both, trailing well behind the Hallmark Channel and HGTV and a bunch of others is CNNLOL with only 972,000 primetime viewers.

Here are the total day numbers, which are even worse for CNNLOL:

  1. FOX NEWS CHANNEL 1.394 million
  2. MSNBC 990,000
  3. ESPN 719,000
  4. NICKELODEON 687,000
  5. HOME AND GARDEN TV 672,000
  7. CNNLOL 649,000
  9. USA NETWORK 514,000
  10. FOOD NETWORK 513,000

Throughout the entire day, CNNLOL was only able to average 649,000 viewers in 2019. Unbelievable.

CNN’s most-watched show throughout the year was Fredo Primetime, which landed in 24th place behind 14 Fox News shows and nine MSNBC shows.

CNN was not able to place even one show in the top 20.

CNN only has two other competitors, and could not place even a single show in the top 20.

This is why President Trump took some time on New Years Day to heckle CNN, a kamikaze network devoted to committing ratings suicide as it tries to kill Trump’s presidency with fake news, desperate conspiracy theories, and open calls for political violence.

“Can’t believe @ATT keeps the management after yet another @CNN ratings dive,” the president tweeted. “Nobody watching, NO CREDIBILITY! Maybe they should make changes at AT&T?”

AT&T is CNNLOL’s parent company, a parent company obviously unconcerned with things like ratings and credibility.

It gets worse, teehee…

Somehow, CNN’s 2019 was even worse than CNN’s terrible 2018.

Compared to 2018, CNN lost two percent of its primetime viewers and  eight  percent of its total day viewers.

Things are remarkably worse in the 25-54 age demo. Compared to 2018, CNN lost 21 percent of these younger viewers during primetime and 24 percent of younger viewers in total day.

For the sake of context, when compared to last year, Fox News increased its total primetime audience by two percent and lost only two percent of its total day audience. In the 25-54 demo, Fox dipped 16 percent in primetime and 15 percent throughout the day.

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