Nolte: Failing Media Hit with Record 30,000+ Job Cuts in 2020

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Media job cuts hit an all-time record high in 2020, and there is no sign those jobs are coming back.

“Media,” according to the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas that compiled the numbers, includes TV and film production, the news business, and advertising.

The failing news industry alone makes up more than half — 16,180 — of those cuts.

Let me just stop right now and make clear that I feel every bit as bad about these media people losing their jobs as they do when a coalminer or oil worker loses his job. We’re all Americans, amirite?

Obviously, the coronavirus contributed greatly to this massacre. A whole lot of film and TV production was shut down, and as normal life in America was shuttered due to these insane, anti-science lockdowns, advertising revenue dried up for media outlets. Far-left outlets like BuzzFeed and Vice (that support excessive lockdowns, by the way) were just two outlets forced to cut back on staff due to a lack of advertising revenue.

The New York Post adds that these jobs will not be coming back. “[V]ery few companies appear to be adding back furloughed staff. The Challenger, Gray & Christian report found the media industry has only announced plans to add back 1,615 jobs over 2020,” the Post reports.

So 30,711 media jobs were lost in 2020 and it looks like only 1,615 are coming back.

Last year is also the highest number of media job cuts so far recorded. The previous high was in 2008 when 28,802 jobs were lost.

So, yes, you can blame the coronavirus for the cuts, but the fact that almost all of those jobs are apparently lost forever reveals something else about the state of a failing media industry, especially the news media.

While alternative media continues to blossom and grow, the left-wing media continues to flounder for a whole host of reasons. For one thing, it’s an industry that’s ridiculously monolithic in its thinking. Why read Vox when you’ve watched CNNLOL? Everyone in the establishment media says and reports the same things in the exact same way.  It’s become a tedious echo chamber, and one that will be in even more trouble this year after President Trump leaves office.

Worse still, it’s a predictable echo chamber. You don’t even have to watch or read the corporate media anymore to know what they will cover, what they will ignore, and what narrative they’re pushing.

Alternative media, especially on the right, is more intellectually atomized and therefore more interesting. We have different opinions, different worldviews… We’re not an intellectual cult like the legacy media, so there’s more variety out there.

What’s more, as the fascist left continue to blacklist and cancel us, alternative media will only grow. People want a place where they can express themselves, tell the truth, question the establishment. Booting us off Twitter and Facebook only breeds more blogs and websites.

Alternative media outlets are blooming everywhere while the dinosaur media continues to collapse.

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