Nolte: Disgraced Lincoln Project Targets Children

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The Lincoln Project, the same disgraced organization that shielded a credibly accused child predator for months, is now looking to target your children through something called The Franklin Project.

The far-left Axios reports the news and does so in that hilarious way only the corporate media can: by pretending it has a “scoop” when it’s basically rewriting a press release sent to them first. This is stenography, not journalism. Here’s a taste [emphasis original]:

Why it matters: The Franklin Project, while a nonprofit and legally distinct from its predecessor, will target “the exact same problem … but from different angles and with different methods,” says co-executive director Greg Jenkins, a George W. Bush administration alumnus.

  • Lincoln will keep airing its brash, anti-Trump ads while Franklin will focus on nonpartisan education and collaboration tailored to build consensus.

  • “We’re not the megaphone; we’re the convener,” Jenkins said.

Nowhere in Vox’s — sorry, Axios’s lengthy press release write up is it mentioned that John Weaver, one of the Lincoln Project’s co-founders, has been credibly accused of grooming underage boys for sex, one as young as 14.

Of that appalling scandal, all the far-left Axios tells its readers is this lie:

  • [Lincoln Project] faltered earlier this year when John Weaver, one of its co-founders, was accused of soliciting sex from men who had sought to work with the Lincoln Project and his other political ventures.

Nope. Not just “men,” you godless liars.

As you can see, the far-left Axios wants everyone to forget about the 14-year-old, and that’s because the establishment looks out for one another, even if the well-being of children is put at risk. John Weaver’s alleged behavior has been known throughout the establishment for decades and he was still allowed to retain his position and reputation. As we saw with notorious sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, you can do whatever you want to children with full knowledge of the political and media establishment as long as you are useful to the establishment.

Something else the far-left Axios fails to mention are the credible allegations of self-dealing within the Lincoln Project, how the organization allegedly pocketed most of the $90 million received from gullible donors.

And now, despite unforgivable behavior on the part of the Lincoln Project, establishment media outlets like the far-left Axios are looking to rehabilitate it, but can only do so through lies of commission and omission.

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