Nolte: This is CNN — Kirsten Powers Endorses Harassment of Kyrsten Sinema

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Kirsten Powers, a far-left commentator at CNN, joined many of her CNNLOL colleagues in justifying the outright harassment of people they disagree with.

Referencing the despicable and unhinged harassment of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) over the weekend, Powers tweeted on Monday:

When challenged on her despicable support for this appalling invasion which equates to opposing civility, Powers remained defiant.

“I’m flabbergasted,” Powers tweeted, “by people who think a US Senator has been harmed by constituents trying to get her to understand how her actions affect actual lives. If she didn’t want to be confronted in a bathroom, she could have stopped and talked to them outside the bathroom.”

While openly encouraging harassment and incivility, while openly saying it is okay to film a woman in the bathroom if you disagree with them, Powers pretends to be standing up for principle. But like everyone else at CNNLOL, she has no principles. Imagine a female Trump supporter doing the same thing to Stacy Abrams or Nancy Pelosi?

But there is a disease at CNNLOL, one that’s been spreading into the organized left for years now. A disease where this basement-rated propaganda outlet has openly embraced and encouraged political violence and domestic terrorism.

CNNLOL’s Ana Navarro also endorsed harassing female senators and filming them in the bathroom.

CNNLOL’s Chris Cuomo adores the left-wing domestic terrorists in Antifa.

CNNLOL actively called for race riots in Baltimore.

CNNLOL’s fake journalists have instigated numerous physical altercations.

CNNLOL’s Jake Tapper tried to whip up a riot in Ferguson.

CNNLOL tried to make a folk hero of a man who attempted to assault Donald Trump.

CNNLOL’s Don Lemon adores the left-wing terrorists in Antifa.

CNNLOL’s Don Lemon encouraged the harassment of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

CNNLOL ran cover for the left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter as these monsters rampaged through predominantly black neighborhoods burning and looting and killing.

These are evil, evil people willing to do anything to further their fascist cause.

The only morality among CNNLOL and the rest of the organized left is this: That which furthers the cause is moral.

People died? So what?

People are harassed? So what?

Filming women in the bathroom? So what?

A neighborhood burned to the ground? So what?

Did it further the cause? It did. Then it is moral.

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