Nolte: Washington Post Reporter Felicia Sonmez Aims Reign of Terror at Second Male Colleague

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Washington Post Bunny Boiler Felicia Sonmez has already gotten her colleague Dave Weigel suspended for a month. Now that she’s full of her own wicked power, she’s aiming her reign of terror at another male Post staffer, someone named Jose A. Del Real.

*rubs hands together* This is so much fun.

So, over the weekend, Weigel retweeted a hilarious joke from another Twitter user that said, “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.” The uptight Sonmez immediately freaked out and did so in PUBLIC. She attacked her own colleague, Weigel, on the Twitterzzz. Before the weekend was over, Weigel had deleted the retweet, tweeted out a formal apology, and the Washington Post had published a statement condemning Weigel.

But that wasn’t enough for the vindictive Sonmez. Oh, no… On Monday, Weigel was suspended for 30 days without pay.

Now, you would think that with the taste of all the Beta Boy Weigel Blood in her mouth, Sonmez would lean back and savor her hunt and kill.

Well, if you think that, you don’t understand just how emotionally weak, humorless, and mean left-wing women are.

Now she wants this Del Real guy’s head added to her pig pole.

And what was Del Real’s sin?

Well, Del Real is every bit the fascist woketard Sonmez is. Del Real condemned Weigel for retweeting a (very funny) joke but suggested that maybe-perhaps-possibly Sonmez was out of line for launching a public attack about something that should have been handled internally:

Felicia, we all mess up from time to time. Engaging in repeated and targeted public harassment of a colleague is neither a good look nor is it particularly effective. It turns the language of inclusivity into clout chasing and bullying. I don’t think this is appropriate.

Dave’s retweet is terrible and unacceptable. But rallying the internet to attack him for a mistake he made doesn’t actually solve anything. We all mess up in some way or another. There is such a thing as challenging with compassion.

The harpy replied haughtily:

Jose, Dave’s retweet was indeed terrible and unacceptable. It was also public, and it’s important that all those who saw Dave’s tweet also see Washington Post reporters standing up for our newspaper’s values — one of which is that comments denigrating women will not be tolerated.

So then, a woketard v. woketard spat continued, which naturally included Del Real reminding Sonmez of his pecking order on the Leftwing-Affirmative-Action-Victim-Status-Chart…

You know, shit like… “As the only Mexican American reporter on the national desk, I know the sting of discriminatory systems firsthand….”

And my personal favorite… “I’m a gay Mexican American. You don’t need to educate me on being from a marginalized group.”

Did I mention how much fun this is?

Anyway, sometime during all this hissing and hair-pulling, Del Real deleted his Twitter account, then he reactivated it, and now he’s apparently blocking Sonmez… But because Hell hath no fury like a neurotic, not-very-bright-woketardress scorned, Sonmez is PUBLICLY demanding the Washington Post do something about that man.

On Monday, after an eight — EIGHT — tweet meltdown over Del Real, Sonmez dropped the Post’s  executive editor (Sally Buzbee) and national editor (Matea Gold) in the public grease:

I’ve reached out to @SallyBuzbee and @mateagold for help on this but haven’t heard back so far. Retaliation against a colleague for speaking out against sexism is never okay. I hope Washington Post leaders treat this as the serious issue that it is. 8/8

I love that she added the “8/8” at the end. It’s a howler.

But because evil never sleeps, she ripped into the Post late last night for its inaction against Del Real.

“It’s hard for me to understand,” Sonmez sniffed, “why the Washington Post hasn’t done anything about [Del Real’s] tweets, in which one of its employees mischaracterizes his own actions and accuses a colleague of ‘clout chasing and bullying’ for publicly objecting to sexism.”

See how she adds, “Is this who we are ?” at the end?

This is precisely who you are, cupcake.

If you’re not enjoying this, you must be dead.

Oh, and if he wants to keep his job, Del Real needs to immediately announce his decision to identify as a woman.

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