WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Says Jack Del Rio Can’t Understand Floyd Riots Because He’s White

Stephen A. Smith
Justin Casterline/Getty Images

On Monday’s edition of First Take, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith opined the Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio can’t understand the true nature of the riots following the killing of George Floyd because he’s “whiiite.”

The emphasis on the word white is Smith’s, not ours, as you will soon hear.

Del  Rio drew the ire of the sports media in DC after he referred to the January 6 Capitol riot as a “dust-up.”

Del Rio had made the “dust-up” comment while addressing a tweet in which he questioned the emphasis the left has placed on the January 6 riots while seeming not to possess the same level of interest in prosecuting those who rioted across the country in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

Though Del Rio apologized for calling the riots a “dust-up,” Ron Rivera, the Commanders head coach and longtime friend of Del Rio, publicly criticized his coach and friend for the comments while calling January 6 an act of “domestic terrorism.”

Del Rio is entering his third year as a defensive coordinator with the Commanders. Stephen A. Smith is in his second decade of making outrageous comments at ESPN. Del Rio shut his Twitter account down last week.


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