Washington Examiner Declares Donald Trump Unfit for Office

U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel laugh during a bilateral meeting at the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France, Monday, Aug. 26, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Washington Examiner on Wednesday declared former President Donald Trump unfit for office based on Cassidy Hutchinson’s January 6 Committee testimony on Tuesday.

“Trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again,” the establishment magazine’s editorial board alleged. “Trump is a disgrace. Republicans have far better options to lead the party in 2024. No one should think otherwise, much less support him, ever again.”

“In short, Hutchinson was a conservative Trumpist true believer and a tremendously credible one at that,” the opinion piece said before claiming Hutchinson’s testimony was credible because it was “very precise.”

“She did not overstate things, did not seem to be seeking attention, and was very precise about how and why she knew what she related and about which testimony was firsthand and which was secondhand but able to be corroborated,” the article alleged.

The Examiner is not the first media outlet to praise Hutchinson and condemn Trump. CNN also peddled Hutchinson’s revelations as “a bombshell.”

Aides to former President Donald Trump were left speechless amid the first half of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on Tuesday, acknowledging to CNN that her testimony was ‘a bombshell’ with potentially huge repercussions for Trump,” CNN reported.

CNN’s story was condemned by those in the Trump orbit on Wednesday. Director of communications for Trump, Taylor Budowich, tweeted that the CNN article is a joke. “There is literally no one left speechless—the testimony was not believable and its credibility has been destroyed several times over—but Fake News CNN won’t let the facts get in their way of peddling a narrative,” Budowich said.


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