Energy Secretary Moniz: ‘Hopefully’ Iran Will Comply with Nuke Deal

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Obama’s Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz, said “hopefully” Iran will comply with terms of President Barack Obama’s proposed nuclear deal.

Moniz said, “We have blocked all of these pathways to a bomb and we should also emphasize this is not a ten-year deal, this is a long term arrangement. There’s no sunset, there will be lot of phases starting with extremely stringent restrictions on Iran’s program. Hopefully they will comply for a long time and build up confidence. But we have ten-year restrictions, 15-year restrictions, 25-year restrictions and forever restrictions. This is a long-term program not something that will kind of go away in a few years.”

Fill-in host Norah O’Donnell challenged Moniz by saying, “You said ‘hopefully they will comply.’ How will you know that they are complying?”

Moniz said, “We will know because this understanding leading to the agreement will have built in it unprecedented access and transparency.”

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