Nation’s Zirin: ‘Scary to See’ an Elite Athlete Like Brady Is Friends with Trump

On Thursday’s “Outside the Lines” on ESPN, sports editor for The Nation magazine Dave Zirin discussed Muslim athletes in America, saying that sports play an “important role” in humanizing those who may be different.

Zirin then pointed out that this role that sports play has made it “scary to see” that “the most famous athlete” in the National Football League Tom Brady is friends with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who supports a Muslim ban in the United States.

“The idea that if someone is involved in sports, well maybe they are not so foreign, maybe they’re not so alien, maybe they’re not so different from the rest of us. They’re our teammates, are people we cheer for. That is why sports has such an important role right now, which is why, I think, for a lot of people it has been scary to see the most famous athlete in the National Football League Tom Brady say that he is good friends with Donald Trump.”

He then wondered what Brady’s New England Patriots teammate Dominique Easley thought about Brady’s support of Trump.

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