Watch – Grocery Store Worker Uses Shopping Cart to Fend Off Knife Wielding Palestinian Terrorists

TEL AVIV – In a harrowing scene caught on surveillance footage, a grocery store worker on Monday used a shopping cart to fend off two knife-wielding Palestinian terrorists attempting to enter the market to stab Israelis.

The terrorists can be seen waving their knives in the air in failed attempts to stab the worker.

Unable to enter the store, the two terrorists stabbed two Israeli women outside, wounding one of the victims critically.  The assailants also reportedly planted a pipe bomb outside the grocery store and were subsequently shot and killed by a nearby security guard.

Motti Shalem, the grocery store worker, described the moment he used the cart to keep the terrorists from entering the establishment.

“The two terrorists came from the direction of the fence, and must’ve breached it and got in,” he said. “Then they stabbed a woman on the sidewalk, and another at the parking lot, and then tried to enter the store. Me and another guy pushed them back with a supermarket cart, and then they ran, and were shot by the security guard.”

Palestinian media reportedly identified the two terrorists as Hussien Abu Roash from the Qalandiyah refugee camp near Jerusalem, and Ibrahim Alaan from Beit Ghur al-Tahta, located adjacent to Qalandiyah.

Haaretz reported:

An investigation suggested the two jumped the fence of the settlement’s supermarket. They then reportedly stabbed their first victim and attempted to flee the scene, stabbing the second woman as they ran, but were gunned down by a security guard.

The wounded woman is 23-years-old and suffered stab wounds to her torso, and both victims were evacuated to the hospital for medical care.

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