Fund: 'We Need Voter ID Laws Now'

Attorney General Eric Holder has done everything in his power to prevent voters from showing ID at polling places. He’s moved to block states like Texas from implementing voter ID laws. But, as voting fraud expert John Fund writes today, “When groups sue to block photo-ID laws in court, they can’t seem to produce real-world examples of people who have actually been denied the right to vote. According to opinion polls, over 75 percent of Americans — including majorities of Hispanics and African-Americans — routinely support such laws.”

But that doesn’t stop Holder’s opposition. And Holder’s opposition simply makes voting fraud easier, as Fund writes:

Filmmaker James O’Keefe demonstrated just how easy it is on Tuesday when he dispatched an assistant to the Nebraska Avenue polling place in Washington where Attorney General Holder has been registered for the last 29 years. O’Keefe specializes in the same use of hidden cameras that was pioneered by the recently deceased Mike Wallace, who used the technique to devastating effect in exposing fraud in Medicare claims and consumer products on 60 Minutes. O’Keefe’s efforts helped expose the fraud-prone voter-registration group ACORN with his video stings, and has had great success demonstrating this year in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Minnesota just how easy it is to obtain a ballot by giving the name of a dead person who is still on the rolls. Indeed, a new study by the Pew Research Center found at least 1.8 million dead people are still registered to vote. They aren’t likely to complain if someone votes in their place.

Fund also notes that nothing O’Keefe did was illegal—a point that the left will no doubt ignore in their rush to smear O’Keefe.

This is not a right-left issue, Fund notes. It’s a basic fairness one—people should only vote in their own name.

From voter fraud to election chicanery of all kinds, America teeters on the edge of scandal every November, says Larry Sabato, the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia and author of a comprehensive survey of voter fraud called “Dirty Little Secrets.” The fact that so many people want to thwart legitimate and prudent efforts to improve ballot integrity has become a scandal in its own right. Attorney General Holder is unlikely to agree with that, but after what happened at his polling place last Tuesday, he should at least understand that voter fraud itself is a scandal worth investigating.

But the chances of Holder admitting the problem are nil, since the left is so bound and determined to excuse voter fraud.


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