The Vetting - Exclusive Document Debunks Myth About Obama's Columbia Years


Breitbart News’ discovery of the 1991 biography distributed by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, which stated (incorrectly) that Obama had been “born in Kenya,” confirmed what we have been saying for months as we pursued “The Vetting” project. Much of what the country ought to know about Obama, but does not, is hidden--often in plain sight--yet the mainstream media covers it up or spins it away to protect him.

The errant biography is only the most sensational example of a pattern of behavior in which Obama and his supporters manipulate or even fabricate his life story. And because Obama and his campaign have refused to provide other, relevant facts--and because the mainstream media shows such little interest in finding them--conspiracy theories flourish. 

Some of these are easily debunked by conducting some very basic research.

The image above--never before released--is from public records at Columbia University that prove that Obama did, in fact, graduate in 1983 from the Ivy League school. Contrary to some conspiracy theories, Obama was a student within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences--not the less selective, “nontraditional” Columbia University School of General Studies (which only merged with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1990).

This never-before-seen document debunks a persistent myth that is unfairly unfavorable to the President.

Some “fact-checking” websites--such as and attempted to debunk the “Obama never graduated Columbia” conspiracy theory before. Yet they have relied almost entirely on secondary sources and mainstream media reports, which fail to cite primary sources. And the Obama campaign has not provided details of his admission to, or graduation from, the prestigious Ivy League school.

Crucially, Obama has refused to release his college transcripts from Columbia and Occidental College, which certainly do exist. Other candidates--such as George W. Bush--released their transcripts, though their grades were not necessarily flattering. 

The mainstream media has clamored for, and investigated, and leaked information about other presidential candidates. But not Barack Obama--not in 2008, and not now.

Even when you lead the mainstream media by the nose to the facts, or to the questions they should ask, they refuse. They are addicted to a failing business model: left-wing bias alienates readers, which cuts revenues, which leads to layoffs, which leads to less news coverage, which leads to more opinion, which alienates readers anew. They tinker with every part of that failing model except the bias that launches the vicious cycle.

As more and more information about Obama emerges--through Breitbart News and other New Media sources, left and right--the failing mainstream media look more and more foolish, reduced to beatifying the president instead of reporting what he and his administration have done to this country. 

Whether Obama’s college transcripts, or the documents in the Fast and Furious scandal, the time for excuses and evasions is over.

Update: Several readers point out, correctly, that George W. Bush's transcripts were leaked by the media. All the more reason to wonder why the media has not shown the same interest in Obama's records.


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