Pelosi Trashes the Uninsured: 'Free Riders'

Now that the Supreme Court has concluded that Obamacare is a tax, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has trashed the uninsured--those whom the Affordable Care Act was supposed to benefit--as "free riders." Pelosi, speaking to Audie Cornish of National Public Radio, explained that new taxes were necessary because some (many?) of the uninsured actively choose not to buy health insurance, even though they can afford it. 

Pelosi's change in attitude towards the uninsured is a complete about-face from the rhetoric that she and the Democrats used in pushing for the massive legislation in 2009-10. Then, Democrats bombarded Americans with heart-wrenching stories--many of them false, particularly those told by President Barack Obama--about the 30, 40, or 50 million people without health insurance. Those who pointed to research that over 40 percent of the uninsured were "voluntary" were dismissed as heartless corporate shills or racists.

Today, Pelosi tells us that the uninsured deserve our contempt because they impose a cost on all of us when they show up injured or ill in the hospital. They are "free riders," she said, and the new taxes in Obamacare are needed to solve the problems they create. That almost sounds like a conservative argument--but it does not explain why the health insurance system has to be overhauled for the other 300-million-plus Americans.

The truth is that Pelosi does not care about the uninsured. Nor does she care about raising taxes, which she is happy to do. And the wealthy, insider-trading Pelosi surely does not believe her rhetoric about how House Republicans who plan to repeal Obamacare are mere tools of the insurance industry. What her remarks reveal is the true agenda of Obama and the Democrats: control of health care, of the economy, of the lives of others.


Pelosi: Obamacare Worth Losing Speaker Over


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