Sessions: Immigration Bill 'Surrender to Illegality' and Amnesty


Immigration Bill

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said the Senate's "dangerous" immigration bill will devastate America's working class and "guarantee" the country will again have to grant "another amnesty" in the future.

Appearing on "Breitbart News Sunday" on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 with host Stephen K. Bannon last night, Sessions simply said, "this legislation is not going to work," and the bill was a "surrender to illegality that will guarantee we'll be back in this position again."

"We have no indication whatsoever that this administration will have renewed [its] commitment to follow whatever law is passed," Sessions said. "This Senate bill is very, very dangerous. It won't work, and I hope the American people will dig into it and follow the details of it."

Sessions, one of the staunchest opponents of the Gang of Eight's immigration bill, then revealed some of the details in the legislation that would devastate America's working class and undermine the rule of law. 

Sessions said when the details of the bill are examined "methodically," they are "stunning." He said at least 11 million immigrants will get Social Security cards and will "immediately be able to compete" for government and blue collar jobs. 

He then said 4.5 million more illegal immigrants will get legalized over the next ten years, and then the annual flow of immigrants will increase by at least 50% per year over 10 years for a total of 1.5 million immigrants a year on a path to citizenship, or 15 million more for 10 years. 

In addition to these 30 million immigrants who are guaranteed a permanent path to citizenship, Sessions noted the bill would double the number of guest workers who can come and stay for three years with the option to "re-up" for another three years with their families. 

Sessions said once those guest workers bring their families or have kids in America, then they "will not be forced to leave this country," and we will be "right back in the situation we are today" with even more illegal immigrants having already been legalized. 

He said the bill puts "tremendous pressure" on the job market and it will make it tougher for working class Americans to find jobs and get off welfare programs. 

"[If Republicans are not in favor of] a lawful system of immigration, ending the lawlessness, and protecting legitimate Ameican workers form a flood of low wage workers, then we are huring ourselves," Sessions said. "We need to satnd up for American workers...Hispanics, African-Americans, Caucasians, whatever...all these workers are struggling out there today. We need to champion them, and help them fing work for them and their grandchildren."

He emphasized that standing up for the American worker was "the right politics." 

Sessions then again noted that the Senate's immigration bill will ensure "we are going to be right back and having to do another amnesty" and would erode "the whole core of the American experience" of lawfulness while threatening the "long term future of our nation."

Bannon, the host, and Jenny Beth Martin, of the Tea Party Patriots, noted on that show that Sessions should be commended for not only heroically taking "arrows" but providing Americans with the analysis and details of the immigration bill. They both noted how much Sessions message was resonating with callers and the audience.


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