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MSNBC Panelist: White Men ‘Pose the Biggest Threat to Americans’

Saturday on MSNBC, during a discussion on an FBI report on “black identity extremists,” Jamira Burley, the founder of Genynot, said white men posed “the biggest threat to Americans every single day.” Burley said, “What is extremely disturbing about Jeff Session and the FBI rhetoric

Ted Lieu (Facebook)

Ted Lieu Tells CNN: Two Wrongs Make a Right

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) has become infamous for trying to troll President Donald Trump on Twitter. He has turned his “mean tweets” into a fundraising machine. But on Wednesday, Lieu had egg on his face when he was confronted by CNN — yes, CNN — about his behavior on social media.

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Sessions: I ‘Have No Reason to Doubt’ Roy Moore Accusers

During testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Attorney General and former Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions stated he has “no reason to doubt” Alabama Republican Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore’s accusers. After he was asked about Moore’s accusers

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at the Heritage Foundation, Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Jeff Sessions Praises Constitution and Denounces Activist Judges

Attorney General Jeff Sessions unapologetically praised constitutional conservatism in a speech at the Heritage Foundation on Thursday, extolling the Constitution’s separation of government powers, singling out religious liberty for special focus, and sharply criticizing federal judges who refuse to abide by their limited role in the American Republic.

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MS-13 Prioritized for DOJ Enforcement, Says AG Sessions

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told police chiefs from across the county that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will use “whatever laws we have” to get MS-13 gang members off of their streets. He pledged to apply not only drug laws, but tax, racketeering, and firearms statutes to round up members of one of the nation’s most violent criminal gangs.