Sessions Mocks, Blisters Rove, 'Fat Cat' Donors


Immigration Bill

On the Senate floor on Friday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) mocked and blistered Karl Rove and his "fat cat" and "country club" pals at American Crossroads for being out of touch with working class Americas on immigration. 

Sessions, one of the staunchest opponents of the Senate's immigration bill, said Rove "raised a bunch of money for Crossroads to run ads in the last election that was supposed to elect Mr. Romney. Didn't do so well, Karl. Sorry about that. Wish you'd been more effective." American Crossroads wasted more $100 million last year and supported no winning candidates.

He suggested Rove and his "Crossroads guys" may have been more effective if they talked to regular people and discovered their opposition to amnesty.

"But the crew, the Crossroads guys that go to the country clubs and drink with each other and plot and think they know something about politics--and haven't been out talking to real people in decades--they thought they knew better," Sessions said. "And they've been telling us all how we're supposed to do this and what good politics is."

He said Rove recently said in an op-ed that, "it's important that Republicans avoid calling a 'pathway to citizenship' amnesty." 

"Well, thank you, Mr. Rove. I appreciate that advice," Sessions, who said he has known Rove since college, sarcastically said. "I think he's one of the most talented people I know, but I'm not taking his advice about this subject matter."

He then added, "But the fat cats who fund American Crossroads I'm sure see it differently."

Sessions has repeatedly emphasized that the Senate's immigration bill would devastate America's working class.


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