In U.S. Most Admired Poll, Hillary Clinton Ranks Lower than Bush, Rush Limbaugh

According to a new poll of the most admired people in the world, Hillary Clinton unsurprisingly ranks under Pope Francis and Billy Graham. What is surprising is that Hillary is less popular even than George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh!

According to the poll, on the aggregated list of the world's most admired people, the former Secretary of State ranks 27th, while on the US list she comes in at tenth place.

The poll, conducted by the Times of London, asked some 14,000 people in 13 countries two open-ended questions: "Who do you think is the most famous person in the world?" and "Who do you admire?"

Answers were restricted to people who are still living.

While Americans frequently appear in the top ten of every list from the non-US countries polled, Hillary Clinton appears only among the results from the USA – and in last place, at that. People like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie appear on most of the non-US results.

For a woman who claims that her experience and good relations with foreign countries is a major selling point, Hillary might be alarmed that Angelina Jolie has more support overseas than she does.


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