What Good Are Apologies?

If you've followed politics, specifically how leftists politicians manufacture outrage to create wedges within the conservative movement, you already knew that Rush Limbaugh's apology wasn't going to be the end of the two minutes of hate. The entire situation was never about getting someone to say "I'm sorry." The left doesn't really care that a woman was called a mean name by Limbaugh or anyone else. That they continue to persecute Limbaugh after he apologized proves this.

If they did, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would never have appeared on Bill Maher's HBO show. As we know, Maher has never apologized for the nasty things he called Sarah Palin. He even boasted about it citing his show's lack of advertisers because he's on pay cable. Ms. Wasserman-Schultz appeared on Maher's show recently. There's no way she didn't know about his comments towards Palin. Yet she had no problem sharing the stage with someone who has repeatedly denigrated women on his show.

What is this outrage really about? Here's your answer, via the WashingtonTimes:

The chair of the Democratic National Committeehas called out GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney for not condemning comments by radio personality Rush Limbaugh about a law student who testified on Capitol Hill in support of the administration’s health care law.

“The bottom line is, the leading candidate on the Republican side for president couldn’t even bring himself to call Rush Limbaugh’s comments outrageous and call him out and ask him to apologize,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the DNC leader, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

You see? This is about holding Republicans to standards that Democrats don't hold themselves to. This is about trying to create a wedge between the electorate and the person Wasserman-Schultz considers the front-runner.

Why hasn't any reporter challenged the DNC Chair on this? She's a politician. She's a "leader" in the Democratic Party. Has any journalist asked her why she has refused to condemn Maher's comments? I'd like to think Tim Russert would have, but David Gregory would never call her out on her rank hypocrisy. He's a talking point parrot. His job is to give the Democrats a forum to push their narratives. There's no chance he would have asked her why she appeared on Maher's show after what he said about Palin.

This is what we're up against. The Sandra Fluke circus was just one piece of an overarching narrative the Democrats created out of thin air, literally. In order to deflect attention away from the fact that Obama is a failed President, they manufactured an alleged "war on women" on the part of Republicans.

As you can see, Democrats have no problem when someone who is stroking $1 Million checks to pro-Obama SuperPACs denigrates women.


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