Obama Heckled at Silicon Valley Fundraiser: 'You Screwed up My Ending'

President Barack Obama took his message of fighting economic inequality to an audience of wealthy Silicon Valley executives who gathered at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose on Thursday evening. A heckler interrupted Obama, shouting, "Freedom for Ethiopia!" according to a source present. Obama scolded: "You kind of screwed up my ending."

Entrance to the event cost a minimum of $1,000, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and some donors gave as much as $32,400 to the Democratic National Committee for privileged access to Obama at the event.

Obama described "competing visions" for America, describing the Republican approach as the belief that "if we just reward folks at the top, everybody else will do just fine." He touted his own economic record, the Chronicle notes, sounding the same themes he had used earlier in the day at a San Diego fundraiser.

"The reason that we've got gridlock right now is you've got a party that's been captured by folks who are on the wrong side of the issues," he said, according to a report from the fundraiser by the Associated Press. "The way to fix Congress is not by getting cynical and saying a plague on both your houses."

Earlier, Obama also attended a fundraiser at the private residence of tech CEO Anne Wojcicki in Los Altos.

Photo: Susan Walsh/AP


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