Singer Files Dismissal, Lawyer Claims Accuser Passed Lie Detector Test

Through his attorney Marty Singer, director Bryan Singer ("X-Men: Days of Future Past") has filed a motion to dismiss the sexual abuse lawsuit filed against him by Michael Egan. According to the Daily Beast, the day the motion was filed Egan's lawyer claims his client passed a lie detector test.

The basis for the dismissal request is Bryan Singer's claim that he was nowhere near Hawaii when the alleged abuse in question took place. Since the beginning of the scandal Singer has claimed he could prove he was not where Egan claims he was during the alleged assault. Singer is also accusing Egan of a "shakedown" intentionally timed around the release of Singer's latest film ("Days of Future Past" hits theatres tomorrow).

The Daily Beast writes that "in recent weeks the momentum in the Singer sex scandal legal drama seemed to be moving in favor of" Singer and three other Hollywood power players named as abusers.



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