Drunk Man Impersonates TSA Agent at SFO, Privately Pats Down Two Women Before Arrest

A drunk man who took it upon himself to pose as a TSA screener at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and who gave two unsuspecting female passengers private patdowns, has been arrested. 

The 53-year-old male impostor was a ticketed passenger himself who had spent a few hours drinking in an SFO airport lounge, according to local CBS affiliate in San Francisco, KPIX 5. He may have gotten hold of a pair of plastic blue gloves which helped him look the part. He was wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt.

He first managed to convince one previously-screened passenger to go into a private room, where he proceeded to pat her down. He attempted to repeat the same action with a second woman, which is when he was caught by security officers who called the police.

TSA has not provided much comment on the incident. One official reportedly said this situation has never occurred at SFO before and pointed out that TSA does contract out their services to a private security company which then hires the screeners themselves, notes KPIX.

The man faces a public drunkenness charge and could face more serious charges as details surrounding the incident unfold.


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