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Pakistani Christian Documents Violent Muslim Harassment at European Refugee Camp

A Pakistani Christian man named Nadeem took secret video footage detailing his life in a refugee camp where he faces harassment and threats on a regular basis. In the video which was posted to YouTube, Nadeem explains that it is Muslims — the majority of which are Syrians that fled their war-torn country — who treat him and his fellow Christians this way.

Folsom Lake drought (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Drought: All Boats Ordered out of Folsom Lake

This Father’s Day, dads with boats at Folsom Lake received disappointing news as they were forced to pull their boats from the marina due to low water levels resulting from California’s fourth year of drought. Sunday also coincided with the first day of summer.

Khanna-Honda (Breitbart News, wires)

Ro Khanna Won’t Answer on Trade Bill; Honda Opposes

Last week’s collapse of a potentially critical trade package deal in the House raised questions as to how two-time congressional candidate Ro Khanna’s view on the deal might differ from that of his rival, incumbent Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose).

Great White Shark (Carl de Souza / AFP / Getty)

Drone Tracks Great White Sharks at Seal Beach

Seal Beach has begun using a $1,400 drone to monitor juvenile great white shark activity and sightings off the coast of Surfside, following unusual shark sightings off the coast of Surfside and near neighboring beaches since this past April.

Bay Area Traffic (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Obama Expected to Slow Traffic Again With Friday Bay Area Visit

President Barack Obama will head to San Francisco on Friday, en route from his 22nd visit to Southern California, to speak to the U.S. Conference of Mayors and attend several Democratic fundraisers. However, the Secret Service’s reluctance to share specifics as to what time and precise areas he will be in, for reasons of security, is likely to cause tremendous gridlock and painful traffic.

Ricardo Lara (USDA / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Amnesty Opponents Say State Senator Barred Them from Public Meeting

A group of activists who allege they were politically targeted and barred from entering a public meeting about passing legislation which would provide benefits for illegal immigrants, have filed complaints with the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and members of California’s High Patrol.


Magna Carta Conference in Los Angeles Celebrates 800 Years of Liberty, Freedom

LOS ANGELES, California — In lieu of the 800-year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the American Freedom Alliance hosted a conference and lecture series this week to honor the document from which the English-speaking world attributes the basic foundational principles of human liberty, respect for the rule of law and the subsequent freedoms the western world is afforded today as a direct result of it.

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