Drought Update: L.A. Residents Paint Grass Green to Cut Back on Water Usage

The next time you feel like the “grass is greener on the other side,” it may be that your neighbors are using a different shade of paint than you are. Bakersfield ABC23 has reported that Los Angelinos are conserving water by painting their lawns green.

Kerri McCoy, a commercial lawn painter, asserts that painting the lawn serves several purposes. She explained that the paint keeps the grass looking great, helps to avoid draught-related water usage penalties, and keeps the water bills low. "As soon as the water sanctions hit, and as soon as people find their water bills rising, they're looking for ways to cut back on their expenses, and that’s when they start calling," she said. 

The nature-friendly dye that is used to color the lawn lasts about three months. Nevertheless, residents are hoping that rain will return soon to restore the grass to its natural green color and painting the grass becomes a fading memory.


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