Farage Slams Cameron As EU Chief Reveals the UK Has No Renegotiation Plan

EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso has revealed during a national TV interview that any significant reform in Europe must be unanimous and would require treaty change. 

Barroso also stated that the UK government had presented absolutely no plans for renegotiation to the EU and that free movement of people, which allows open door migration between EU member states, is a fundamental principle of the single market and cannot be changed.

The comments made on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning are deeply embarrassing to the Prime Minister, who insists that he is playing a strong role in renegotiating key powers back to the UK in the hope of creating a new relationship with Europe.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said that it exposes Cameron as two faced:

"It's clear isn't it? He says one thing back at home to his cabinet, his backbenchers, his voters and the British people, but is doing quite another thing when he goes over to Brussels.

"Here is a man who is trying to convince the general public that he can somehow reform the EU and yet the Commission President has said absolutely no proposals have been put forward and any renegotiation of significance would be virtually impossible as it would require all member states agreeing.

"He also repeated that the free movement of people was not up for grabs. All Cameron is doing is spinning a line back home to try to stay in power.

"What was also startling was Barroso revealing that the EU were waiting to see if Britain's position will change in the next Government.

"He clearly thinks Cameron is out the back door along with his sham referendum pledge and sham renegotiation promise after the next general election."


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