Outrage as Belgian Paper Mocks American President

The Belgian newspaper De Morgen has attracted criticism and outrage for its 'Obama Herald' spoof page this weekend

Publishing a picture of the Obamas as apes has been described as "awful" and "too far". That the country's seventh largest Dutch language newspaper – part of the multi-million euro De Persgroep Nederland organisation – published such pictures is beyond the realms of decency to most people who have seen and commented on the image.

De Persgroep owns both De Morgen, as a smaller outlet, and Het Laatste Nieuws, the country's best read paper, as well as various TV and radio channels.

Writer Chika Unigwe, who first began to circulate the image on Twitter yesterday noted in her tweets, "even as a joke, this's gone too far", also asking, "Why did De Morgen publish this? In the 21st century? I hope Obama cancels his state visit to Belgium".

Others were also outraged, with one taking to the social networking service to note: "Vile. Shocked beyond words" while one person noted of the image: "that's so wrong!!! Gosh! Just awful!"

Commenters on Reddit have also rightly showed their anger over the matter, with replies to the image such as: "Love how Northern European countries are in such denial over their racism problem" and "European racism: straight outta the '40s".

The picture was published 'jokingly' as if it were sent in from Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by the words: "He sent us this attachment at our request, and chose to sent pictures instead of text 'because he doesn't have a lot of time'."

The entirety of the paper's page 16 was dominated by Obama spoofs, with fake tweets from the President claiming to find Beyonce's new music video "hot" as well as stating "nothing as fun as a night watching Fox News".

De Morgen's switchboard was closed today, so Breitbart London was unable to reach anyone for a comment. E-mails have been sent to the editors and others at De Morgen for comment.


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