Labour Donor Says Ed Miliband is ‘Boxed In’ As Leadership Crisis Deepens

Labour’s leadership crisis has deepened as one of the party’s biggest donors described Ed Miliband as having been ‘boxed in’ by Conservative economic policies. John Mills, who owns the shopping channel JML, gave the party on £1.5m in shares last year.

Mr Mills claims that Labour has been forced to copy many of the Conservatives economic policies, particularly following the budget.  "Well I think he is very boxed in, to be honest with you," he said.

"With the economic policy structure that we have got at the moment there really isn't much room for the Labour Party to be very different from the Conservatives."

The JML boss also wants to devalue the pound to boost exports and investment. He claims the move would lead to annual growth of 5%, removing the need to increase taxes in order to eliminate the deficit.

The comments come on the week a number of respected Labour pressure groups, including Progress, the Policy Network and the Fabian Society, have united to sign a letter calling on their leader to be "bolder and more radical".

Mr Miliband was already under pressure because the Conservatives are within 1% of Labour in the most recent opinion polls. The polls are thought to reflect Miliband's difficulties in dealing with a well-received budget.


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