UK Muslim Parents: Hardliners are 'Brainwashing' Our Children at School

Muslim parents are beginning to speak out against the attempted radicalisation of their children at British schools, according to an interview with the Sunday Telegraph. Mohammed Zabar, whose 10-year-old daughter attends Oldknow Academy in Birmingham, has said that children are being "programmed" and "drilled" to lie to inspectors investigating claims of an extremist take-over in a school.

Zabar's daughter also comes home from school saying that she has been told that her hair and trousers are un-Islamic. He told the Sunday Telegraph: "We as parents are on the ball, we are looking out for the signs [of radicalisation] and we are trying to counter them, but it's almost like the poor girl is stuck in the middle between us and the school.

"We've tried to protect her as much as possible from it but it's not fair to her."

"Two weeks ago I asked my daughter about what was happening with the head, and she recited, 'Miss Kondal is off sick at the moment. Her sicknote ends at the end of March and then we will wait and see what happens.'

"Those were my daughter's exact words. It's not how a child would speak – it's as if she'd been drilled in exactly what to say. I don't send her to school to have the teacher brainwash or programme my child."

The head teacher, Bhupinder Kondal, a non-Muslim, recently left her post along with other members of the management team. There are now fears that they may have been driven from their posts for resisting the radicalisation of their school.

Mr Zabar added that he and other parents raised concerns in a meeting with acting head Jahangir Akbar about a school assembly that included "anti-Christian chanting".

"Another Muslim parent asked what had happened about Christmas. Mr Akbar said the Christmas festivities didn't go ahead because the children weren't getting good enough grades. The parent replied, so why do you take them out in term time to do Umrah [the lesser pilgrimage to Mecca] then?"

Mr Zabar also said that he has previously sent other children through the school, none of whom experienced similar problems.

Mr Akbar responded to the allegations with an angry tirade against the Sunday Telegraph, accusing it of a "hate campaign".

"I'll give you a hundred parents, two hundred parents, why are you speaking to one parent? The parents' meeting was the best meeting we've ever had. Why weren't you there, you idiot? Why weren’t you there, you t***? Why are you a racist?" said the acting head teacher.


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