VIDEO: BBC Investigates Muslim 'Trojan Horse' Plot, Students Taught Marital Rape Was OK

The BBC's Newsnight programme last night presented a piece of investigative journalism into Park View school in Birmingham, one of the schools listed by Birmingham City Council as being under investigation over allegations of a hard line Islamist takeover.

The programme noted that concerns have been raised over "discrimination", "prejudice against girls" and "extreme religious views" – though the BBC repeatedly refers to the problem as 'Muslim social conservatism' rather than Islamism, or fundamentalist interpretations of Islam.

Children were apparently taught that marital rape was acceptable, with one teacher telling Newsnight, "In a boys sex education lesson a worksheet was given out to them which says a woman has to obey her husband".

"The girls were saying to some of the female staff, 'Is that right, when we are married we can't say no?'"

Another complaint referred to the fact that creationism and intelligent design were "being taught in a science class by a science teacher" despite it not being on the curriculum.



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