Europe Boycotts Britain in Eurovision as 'Bearded Lady' Wins Song Contest

Europe continued its boycott of the United Kingdom as the Austrian ‘Bearded Lady’ won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. For years Britain received criticism for failing to put forward an act that could genuinely win the Eurovision Song Contest.

In recent years we have got our act together, but sadly the European voters' hatred of the British looks unlikely to disappear.

The British entry this time, Molly Smitten-Downes, featured as a vocalist on a number of hits including Raindrops by Sash! Sadly her talent and experience counted for almost nothing as she landed in the bottom third out of a total of twenty-six contestants. Smitten-Downes was beaten by acts including some very strange Polish women in folk dress using scrubbing boards to undertake suggestive poses.

As with every year, the British begged the Europeans to put their discrimination against us aside and vote on merit. Glen Oglaza, former political correspondent for Sky News took to Twitter during the phone vote to say: “Come on #eurovision The Iraq invasion was over 10 years ago. It’s ok to vote for the #uk now!”

But as previously reported by Breitbart London the United Kingdom has done particularly badly ever since it supported the War on Terror – and 2014 was not that year of change. The eventual winner was Austria, who put forward a Transsexual ‘bearded lady’ called Conchita, second name Wurst (which is German for sausage).

The favourite to win going into the competition was Aram MP3 from Armenia, but he upset Eurovision stalwarts by making some jokes about the transvestite contestant.

In a night that was dominated by trashy outfits, bad singing and frankly weird video inserts, it is delightful to know that the worst performance at Eurovision was the white-suited attempt of the European Union Anthem. After each of the twenty-six contestants attempted to retain their dignity in front of an audience of 180 million viewers, the men from Del Monte took to the stage on ladders to jazz up the supranational anthem: Ode to Joy. 

I had mixed emotions about the performance. On the one hand, I disapprove of playing the anthem (and I was determined to remain seated throughout) but the performance charmed me because it was just so awful that it invited further ridicule (if any were needed) on the whole European mess.


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